Friday, April 27, 2012

Growing Growing, But Not Grown Yet

While we were in England for two weeks, our vegetable garden was busy. I was so happy to come home and see all the growth! I honestly walk out into the front yard twice everyday to check on my plants, to pull whatever weeds I missed the day before, and to check that nothing is thirsty. The kids love to come outside with me too, for some reason, Juliette loves to pull on the onion tops, and to swat the vines that drape over the side of the half barrels. I love to see the plant flowering and then setting fruit!

Edward has been working on the fence project that he started in March. I didn't know I could love a fence so much. We've been discussing this fence for about a year, and it's nice to see it going up. Edward decided to split 2x6x16s redwood boards, so that the boards could flex and span two posts, and to cut the total cost of the fence nearly in half.

After the fence is done, the next big front yard project will probably be irrigation and landscaping.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of Growth

I planted 5 sticks a couple weeks ago, two cherry sticks, one asian pear 2 in 1 stick, one nectarine stick, and one apricot stick. They really were just sticks with bare roots, my sister made fun of them. Well hopefully next summer, I'll be laughing at her while I harvest all my fruit. They're all dwarf or semi-dwarf and I'm so excited about my mini orchard!

The sticks have leaves!
This light fixture used to have a dead something in it. Some sort of plant grew up into the interior of it, who knows how long ago, and we cut out all the dead wood. It was harder than it seemed. Anyways, it has a glass ball that goes on top, I really need to clean it and get it back out there, but I did manage to transplant some poppies that I had been trying kind of hard to kill, and I transplanted some sweet peas as well. I want the sweet peas to grow up and around the post, at least for now. Next year I'll plant something more permanent, some jasmine maybe.
Two weeks ago I transplanted everything into the raised garden bed. Unfortunately we had a massive wind storm a few days later, and my seedlings didn't fare very well. I had 12 strawberry plants, I've left them out there, hoping for a miracle, but only one looks like it's going to survive. I think I'm going to give up on strawberries, every plant I've ever had has died, I don't have a green thumb when it comes to strawberries. The onions are all doing well, and two of the tomatoes I started from seed might survive. The squash and zucchini might make it, and the two pepper plants seem to have disappeared completely. I'm going to pull the strawberries and plant some garlic, and I'm going to buy a few pepper plants to replace what the wind killed.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painting With my Helpers

We finally decided on what color to paint the garage. The kids wanted to help, so I gave them paint brushes and let them paint with water whatever they wanted to on the ground.

It worked well as a distraction.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Actually, new windows, but new windows feels like winning.

Juliette really likes them!
Edward is about halfway thru installing them, these are going in the kitchen. I can't wait til they're all replaced, and the trim is all done. Then I can make roman blinds, I found a great tutorial on Pinterest.

I Love they way they look, and the house does seem to be quieter. We'll see if they make a difference in our cooling bill this summer, if they do, they'll pay for themselves in less than two years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I know it's February.
February in Las Vegas means Spring! Two years ago (this week) I was in the hospital having Juliette, I remember noticing all the little buds on the trees on the drive home from the hospital.

Spring also means yard work, building, and planting.
Edward built me a huge planter bed, that also doubles as a child enclosure... at least until it's filled with dirt. He's also been setting the beams for the fence that's going around the front yard. And trimming the Silk Mimosa tree so that it doesn't completely shade my new planter.

There used to be a half wall right along where Edward is standing (above), he spent most of one afternoon knocking it down. Not only was it ugly, but the decorative top layer of block harbored some nasty little creatures, like poisonous spiders. Anyways, I'm glad that it, and it's inhabitants are gone.
Andrew has helped Edward quite a bit in the work outside. He stained the planter and some of the fence posts. Each day that he helps he ends up doing this (below) somewhere.
And here's our almost 2 year old. She's so cute and funny, mostly when she's "helping" in the yard, she just ends up filthy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The French Doors

Edward made the awesome discovery that there is no insulation in the wall! Not awesome. Another not awesome discovery was finding out that the bottom 2x4 in the wall is not anchored to the foundation... so the wall is being held in place by the roof.

The new back door makes the whole room look and feel different. We're really happy with them!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Ready

We are getting ready!

The kids love starting seeds, and I like growing things in the dirt. Only a few weeks til we can transplant them out in the yard. I'm giddy, and the kids love seeing each new sprouting plant! I'm planning on a couple of raised beds in the front yard, and a few fruit trees.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Husband Does my Pinterest Projects

I can't remember where I stumbled upon mason jar lights first. These two are from Pottery Barn.

Then as I clicked on pictures in the google images search, I found this blog, showed Ed, discussed and decided that there had to be an easier way, and then we took a trip to Lowe's.

We picked out this light fixture from the portfolio line, and two individual pendants. Resources
We already had some mason jars that my grandma gave me.
Edward drilled a couple holes, removed the old fixture, adjusted the wire lengths, while I washed the jars.

And now we have this perfect light fixture!

It was pretty easy, especially for me because I didn't do any of the hard parts. I love it. I love that three of the jars (the big center one, and the two smallest) belonged to my grandma.

It cost
$54 for the main fixture
$40 for the two pendants
$8 for the drill bit hole saw thingy

It's Been...

Months since I posted over here. There's really no excuse.
Since I last blogged we've (well, mostly Eddie)
1. Picked out a wall color that we didn't actually end up liking
2. Painted and added trim to Andrew's room
3. Replaced all the interior doors
4. Started building the dining room booth
5. Built, but not completed an entry way bench/foot locker/storage thing
6. Hung the flat screen on the wall
7. Demoed part of the main bathroom
8. Built shelves for the garage
9. Decorated for Christmas
10. Replaced the back door with new French doors
11. Had a break in
12. Started using Pinterest
13. Dug up the entire yard (it wasn't much of a yard, just dirt and weeds)
14. Got a new slip cover for the couch
15. Hung some stuff on the walls
and I'm sure there is some other stuff that I can't remember