Friday, April 27, 2012

Growing Growing, But Not Grown Yet

While we were in England for two weeks, our vegetable garden was busy. I was so happy to come home and see all the growth! I honestly walk out into the front yard twice everyday to check on my plants, to pull whatever weeds I missed the day before, and to check that nothing is thirsty. The kids love to come outside with me too, for some reason, Juliette loves to pull on the onion tops, and to swat the vines that drape over the side of the half barrels. I love to see the plant flowering and then setting fruit!

Edward has been working on the fence project that he started in March. I didn't know I could love a fence so much. We've been discussing this fence for about a year, and it's nice to see it going up. Edward decided to split 2x6x16s redwood boards, so that the boards could flex and span two posts, and to cut the total cost of the fence nearly in half.

After the fence is done, the next big front yard project will probably be irrigation and landscaping.