Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of Growth

I planted 5 sticks a couple weeks ago, two cherry sticks, one asian pear 2 in 1 stick, one nectarine stick, and one apricot stick. They really were just sticks with bare roots, my sister made fun of them. Well hopefully next summer, I'll be laughing at her while I harvest all my fruit. They're all dwarf or semi-dwarf and I'm so excited about my mini orchard!

The sticks have leaves!
This light fixture used to have a dead something in it. Some sort of plant grew up into the interior of it, who knows how long ago, and we cut out all the dead wood. It was harder than it seemed. Anyways, it has a glass ball that goes on top, I really need to clean it and get it back out there, but I did manage to transplant some poppies that I had been trying kind of hard to kill, and I transplanted some sweet peas as well. I want the sweet peas to grow up and around the post, at least for now. Next year I'll plant something more permanent, some jasmine maybe.
Two weeks ago I transplanted everything into the raised garden bed. Unfortunately we had a massive wind storm a few days later, and my seedlings didn't fare very well. I had 12 strawberry plants, I've left them out there, hoping for a miracle, but only one looks like it's going to survive. I think I'm going to give up on strawberries, every plant I've ever had has died, I don't have a green thumb when it comes to strawberries. The onions are all doing well, and two of the tomatoes I started from seed might survive. The squash and zucchini might make it, and the two pepper plants seem to have disappeared completely. I'm going to pull the strawberries and plant some garlic, and I'm going to buy a few pepper plants to replace what the wind killed.

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