Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Been...

Months since I posted over here. There's really no excuse.
Since I last blogged we've (well, mostly Eddie)
1. Picked out a wall color that we didn't actually end up liking
2. Painted and added trim to Andrew's room
3. Replaced all the interior doors
4. Started building the dining room booth
5. Built, but not completed an entry way bench/foot locker/storage thing
6. Hung the flat screen on the wall
7. Demoed part of the main bathroom
8. Built shelves for the garage
9. Decorated for Christmas
10. Replaced the back door with new French doors
11. Had a break in
12. Started using Pinterest
13. Dug up the entire yard (it wasn't much of a yard, just dirt and weeds)
14. Got a new slip cover for the couch
15. Hung some stuff on the walls
and I'm sure there is some other stuff that I can't remember

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