Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I know it's February.
February in Las Vegas means Spring! Two years ago (this week) I was in the hospital having Juliette, I remember noticing all the little buds on the trees on the drive home from the hospital.

Spring also means yard work, building, and planting.
Edward built me a huge planter bed, that also doubles as a child enclosure... at least until it's filled with dirt. He's also been setting the beams for the fence that's going around the front yard. And trimming the Silk Mimosa tree so that it doesn't completely shade my new planter.

There used to be a half wall right along where Edward is standing (above), he spent most of one afternoon knocking it down. Not only was it ugly, but the decorative top layer of block harbored some nasty little creatures, like poisonous spiders. Anyways, I'm glad that it, and it's inhabitants are gone.
Andrew has helped Edward quite a bit in the work outside. He stained the planter and some of the fence posts. Each day that he helps he ends up doing this (below) somewhere.
And here's our almost 2 year old. She's so cute and funny, mostly when she's "helping" in the yard, she just ends up filthy.

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