Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shine Free Surfaces and No Brown Allowed

I'm trying to stay away from shiny surfaces. I want honed or leather finish granite in my kitchen, I don't want shiny floors.
I've been all around Las Vegas talking to different sales people, and each that I've told that I don't want my floor and counters to be shiny, look at me like I'm nuts.
I'm not the crazy one! Las Vegas is a very dusty city, everyone else who wants shiny surfaces to display their housekeeping failings are the crazy ones.
I'm also banning the color brown. There are parts of the desert that are pretty. Las Vegas is not in a pretty part. Las Vegas is in the brown brown desert.
There will be no brown in my house, well there might be a little bit (in the master bathroom), but for the most part, these colors aren't allowed.

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