Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Out of Town

My husband keeps sending me picture messages.

Here is the texture that's going on the wall. I didn't want texture, I wanted smooth walls, but we couldn't afford that. So this is what the texture looks like over the paint samples for Andrew's room.
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It's actually better for me to gone when I'm not getting what I want.
And then he sent me this one, with no explanation.
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Edward has poor eyesight in one eye and good eyesight in the other. Guess which one is giving him problems?
Add that to the injury he sustained on Monday
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And so far Edward is having a great week. He's been to the doctor twice, which is extremely unusual for him. He's been sick once the entire time I've known him, and te only time he ever missed work was for two days after he had knee surgery.

It really is better that I'm not there. At least he doesn't have to deal with me being annoyed about the wall texture on top of a goopy eye and a sore arm.

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