Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pool Safety




Fence Pros
1. Don't have to remove it to swim

Fence Cons
1. Ugly
2. Andrew has figured out every kind of child lock he's ever encountered, he could probably figure out the gate latch.

Net Pros
1. Not Ugly

Net Cons
1. Have to remove it completely to swim

Pictures from www.thewaterwarden.com


  1. We used to have a net over our pool when I was a kid and it took a really long time to get on and off. I don't know how much those nets have changed over the years but ours was almost like a trampoline material that we could jump on and still get wet. I'm a big worrier so I would probably want both!

  2. Hey Chelsea, Home ownership is fun right! What questions do you have? We have tried to do all our stuff by ourselves and so far it has been going well. If you have landscaping questions I will just ask Daniel, but he tells me its a lot hotter over there than it is here (we are a high desert or something like that. Anyway ask away. I will be sure to ask you guys questions too :) I am starting to replace the lighting (I bought a bunch) but haven't been brace enough to put it up yet